Review: Towards Spam Detection at Ping Servers

March 2, 2008
Authors: Pranam Kolari, Tim Finin, Akshay Java, Anupam Joshi
Year: 2007
Published in: Proceedings of the International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM 2007)
Importance: Very High


Spam blogs, or splogs, are blogs featuring plagiarized or auto-generated content. They create link farms to promote affiliates, and are motivated by the profitability of hosting ads. Splogs infiltrate the blogosphere at ping servers, systems that aggregate blog update pings. Over the past year, our work has focused on detecting and eliminating splogs. As techniques used by spammers have evolved, we have learned how splog signatures are tied to tools that create them, that they are beginning to be a problem across languages, and that they require a much quicker assessment. Though we continue to address these specific challenges, we discuss our larger goal in this work, of developing a scalable meta-ping filter that detects and eliminates update pings from splogs. This will considerably reduce computational requirements and manual efforts at downstream services (search engines) and involve the community in detecting spam blogs.

My Review

I like to review this paper in a question & answer manner. This paper answer to some questions as below:

Why spammer use blogs?

  1. Blog are more relevance in web search engines
  2. Ping servers quickly notify  blog new data to search engines
  3. Hosting blogs available for free

How search engines filter Splog contents?

With two methods: Pre-Indexing and Post-Indexing

What is the proposed method for Splog detection in this paper?

Authors provide new system called Meta-Ping server, in pre-indexing time. This system provide search engins a blacklist of blogs.

What are the approaches for making meta-ping server?

Four filtering method will be used on Meta-Ping server:

  1. URL based filtering
  2. Blacklist based filtering
  3. Blog home-page based filtering,
  4. Feed based filtering

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